Public Group Registration to the Pre-Retirement Training for Federal Public Service Employees

The 2-day workshop or 4 half-day webinar are offered to employees of the federal public service and is designed to facilitate the transition from work to retirement by providing important information on the various aspects to be considered in planning for retirement. Participants will acquire knowledge and tools that will help them better prepare for this important transition.

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Workshop costs

  • The registration cost for a public group workshop varies from one province to the other due to the travel and living expenses per region. 
  • If your spouse wishes to participate, no additional fees are charged for his/her registration.
  • The workshop should be for a minimum of 20 participants (excluding the spouses).
region  province and city

cost (2022)

(taxes are extra)

Atlantic  Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown $ 500
 Nova Scotia - Halifax
 New Brunswick - Fredericton
 New Brunswick - Miramichi
 New Brunswick - Moncton 
Quebec*  Quebec - Matane $ 250
 Quebec - Montreal
 Quebec - Québec city
National Capital Region*  Quebec - Gatineau $ 250
 Ontario - Ottawa
Ontario*  Ontario - London $ 450
 Ontario - Toronto
Western  Manitoba - Winnipeg $ 515
 Saskatchewan - Regina
 Saskatchewan - Saskatoon
 Alberta - Calgary
 Alberta - Edmonton
Pacific  British Columbia - Vancouver         $ 675      
 British Columbia - Victoria 
















Important disclaimers:

*Cegep Marie-Victorin may cancel a workshop due to insufficient registrations by giving a written notice 10 or more working days before the start of the workshop. If a participant requires travelling to attend a workshop, we recommend travel and living arrangements be booked and confirmed only within the 10 working days prior to the scheduled workshop in order to avoid additional fees to his/her department.

*Due the differences between the legal jurisdictions between Quebec and Ontario Provinces, and unless otherwise stated, when you register to a session delivered in the province of Quebec, only Code civil will be discussed and presented by a Notary. When you register to a session delivered in the province of Ontario, only Common Law will be discussed and presented by a lawyer. Nonetheless the course material contains content covering both legal jurisdictions available for each official language.

*Some individuals are sensitive to perfumes / fragrances and/or have allergies, it would be appreciated if you would avoid the use of any scented products during the duration of workshop.


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Workshop Cancellation Policy