Private Group Registration to the Pre-Retirement Training for Federal Public Service Employees

If you want to organize a private group workshop or webinar within your organization, please send your requested information to:

Requested Information:

  • Participants list, including spouses
  • Forecasted dates for the workshop (on working days from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm)
  • Location of the session
  • Language for the session
  • Special needs
  • Your contact Information

Workshop costs

  • The registration cost for a private group workshop varies from one province to the other due to the travel and living expenses per region. 
  • If your spouse wishes to participate, no additional fees are charged for his/her registration.
  • The workshop should be for a minimum of 20 participants (excluding the spouses).


National Capital Region*









Due the differences between the legal jurisdictions between Quebec and Ontario Provinces, and unless otherwise stated, when you register to a session delivered in the province of Quebec, only Code civil du Québec will be discussed and presented by a Notary. When you register to a session delivered in the province of Ontario, only Common Law will be discussed and presented by a lawyer. Nonetheless the course material contains content covering both legal jurisdictions available for each official language.

*Some individuals are sensitive to perfumes / fragrances and/or have allergies, it would be appreciated if you would avoid the use of any scented products during the duration of workshop.

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Workshop Cancellation Policy