Questions and answers

Why do we need recognition from non-Indigenous sources to do the work that we do in our communities?

  • The RAC process is not to replace community recognition processes. Rather it is a way to open the doors to professional opportunities within or beyond your community (professional mobility) and better financial remunaration for the work that you already do.

I developed a youth program. Is that considered as experience?

  • All your experiences count if they are related to the competencies of a recognized program of study. Developing a youth program would definitely fit within the competencies of the Indigenous Community Worker Program

I worked in my fathers’ business for 5 years, does that count?

  • Work within the family business counts as well. In this case it could be considered for Indigenous Retail Manager Program.

What is the cost of completing a RAC process?

  • The admission and registration fees add up to 100$  and the Recognition of Acquired of Competencies fees are 40$ per compentency up to a maximum of 500$. 

What are the different payment options available?

  • You can pay in several installments either online by certified cheque or money order.