Programs and courses

NEW! Diploma of college studies (DCS) - Accounting and Management Technology

The Intercultural and International Education Centre is offering the Accounting and Management Technology to a group of international students. This program puts particular emphasis on applied business methods and computerized applications and help to develop the skills to process and analyze financial and business information effectively. By doing this program the students will acquire  the tools and knowledge to deal with the challenges of business and to succeed in today’s competitive and dynamic environment.


Attestation of college studies (ACS) – Accounting and Management in English as a Second Language

The ACS in Accounting and Management Technology is designed to prepare students to work as an accounting and management technician. Armed with the knowledge of entry-level business professionals, graduates are trained to be versatile business technicians. They have a comprehensive understanding of business-specific operations, are capable of overseeing financial transactions and preparing financial statements. They work in companies of various sizes. In small companies, they are often responsible for a variety of tasks. In large or medium-sized companies or organizations, their work is more specialized.


Attestation of college studies (ACS) – International Trade

The ACS in International Trade is designed to prepare students to work as an international trade technician. This technician oversees the management of exports or imports of goods and services – from the potential market research to the establishment of implementation policies after the transaction is concluded. His or her main tasks are: carrying out market studies; developing market entry strategies, determining prices, modes of payment and financing; negotiating with foreign entities; planning the logistics of service delivery; supervising operations and ensuring the application of follow-up policies assuring satisfaction and continuing good relations between all stakeholders.


Attestation of College Studies (ACS) – Educational Practice in Early Childhood (outside Quebec) 

The ACS Educational Practice in Early Childhood (outside Quebec) was developed specifically for the Chinese student of Early Childhood Education. It aims to share our Canadian educational approach to young children, at least the part that is transferable to an entirely different social and cultural context. The program is for students already enrolled in an Early Childhood Education program in a partner institution of Cégep Marie-Victorin in China or elsewhere. The program does not aim to give a complete initial training since that is provided by the partner institution and is based on the rules and standards in force in the country of origin. Rather, it is a program that aims to train foreign educators in the process of educational practice with children in the age group attending a kindergarten or other preschool daycare.


Free French as a Second Language courses for working people

These courses are offered at various locations during the day, the evening and on weekends and are intended for individuals at all levels and in all employment categories.

The classes are adapted to the participants’ work situation and are offered free of charge (course materials included).


Payroll compliance practitioner and Certified payroll manager

Since 2001, CEGEP Marie-Victorin offers in collaboration with the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) an accreditation for Payroll Compliance Practitioners (PCP). This project results from the need for the CPA to meet the administrative and legislative demands of the profession. The program is designed for individuals who wish to work in the field of payroll compliance or who want to enhance their know-how in the area. More than 400 payroll professionals have obtained their accreditation through CEGEP Marie-Victorin. The professional accreditation has allowed them to forge their career in one of today’s most highly competitive business sectors.


Retirement Preparation program for Desjardins Group employees

The program is offered to all Desjardins Group employees who plan to retire within the next few years.

The program is designed to address the participants’ needs, helping them to achieve the best possible conditions on their road to retirement. It also taps into future retirees’ main concerns about their pension plan, finances, health and transition to their new life stage.


Pre-retirement Training Program for Federal Public Service Employees

The 2-day program is offered to all employees of the federal government and is designed to facilitate the transition of employees to and from retirement by providing them with important information on the various aspects to be considered in planning for retirement. Participants can start thinking and acquire tools that will help them and help them move from work to retirement.