Future students

General Requirements for Admission in an ACS program
For ACS (Attestation of College Studies) programs, your prior schooling must permit the college to consider you capable of undertaking college studies should you not have a high school diploma. If you want to undertake an ACS program at the Multicultural Education Center, you will need to successfully complete the English language admission test.

Other Conditions for Admission
Some programs can include other requirements, such as the successful completion of a specific high school course or passing a test for admission like the English language admission test. 

How to go about completing a request for admission?
At the Multicultural Education Center, we are part of the Continuing Education sector of Cégep Marie-Victorin. Therefore, your admission is not processed through SRAM (Service régional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain). However, applications for admission must be submitted to the college in a timely fashion, that is, normally two months before the start date of the fall semester (which is normally the second week of September). For more information concerning applications and required documents, you are invited to contact the student advisor for the Multicultural Education Center at: 514-733-3232 extension 4112

Things to remember if you want to gain Admission at the Multicultural Education Center:

  • Short ACS (Attestation of College Studies) programs only allow for limited enrolment. Because places are limited, you are expected to submit all admission documents permitting the college to open your student file.
  • If your student file is incomplete, the college will not be able to proceed with a confirmation of your admission and missing documents will jeopardize the timely processing of your file.
  • You can consult the student advisor at the Multicultural Education Center to know if your file is complete and whether or not your admission into the program has been granted. You will receive an official letter from the MEC confirming your admission or to officially request that you submit other supporting documents. 
  • An incomplete file will not be evaluated and this can lead to unnecessary delays that can include refusing you into the program.
  • All documents must be sent directly to the attention of the student advisor responsible for your file. See to it that your documents are correctly addressed to the MEC.
  • All MEC programs permit the admission of new students in the fall semester only. Make sure that you take this administrative practice into consideration before making your plans.
  • It is important to remember that in order to complete your AEC program, the student course load is pre-determined by the college and you cannot make a personalized semester course selection. 
  • Post-secondary results will also be taken into consideration at the time your student file is evaluated for the purpose of admission.

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International Students

For ACS (Attestation of College Studies) programs, your prior schooling must permit the college to consider you capable of undertaking college studies should you not have a high school diploma.  All international students must successfully complete the Multicultural Education Center’s English language admission test in order for the college to verify the student’s language proficiency. The college can also consider admission, in some cases, using a submitted TOEFL score (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

Tuition fees for International Students is approximately 6000.00$* Canadian dollars for a semester in Technical Administrative programs like Accounting and Management Technology (LCA.CP) and International Trade (LCA.7C). * Price of the school year 2016-2017.

If you wish to be admitted in College programs other than those offered at the Multicultural Education Center, or for more information concerning the admission of International students, please contact us at mec@collegemv.qc.ca.