DCS - Accounting and management technology 

Start date: Fall 2024 to be confirmed

Duration and schedule: 2 years | 2,370 hours program including 105 hours of internship  | Day courses, full-time from Monday to Friday

Eligible to PEQ - Quebec experience program: Yes

Location: Intercultural and International Education Centre of Marie-Victorin College, 4975 Paré street, Montreal, Quebec, H4P 1P4 Canada



Mathematics 436 or TS 4th or SN 4th or CST 5th

General Program Objectives

The Accounting and Management Technology Program is a two-years program, preparing students to work in a variety of technical occupations in the accounting, finance and management fields.

Upon the successful completion of the Accounting and Management Technology program, graduates will be able:

to perform, among other functions, computerized accounting and financial analysis tasks and apply various business methods in public, private and non-profit organizations

  • to process and analyze financial and managerial accounting information using appropriate computer applications
  • to conduct financial analysis of transactions and finance-related activities
  • to provide support in carrying out accounting and financial duties using a client-based approach
  • to contribute to business methods and management decision-making
  • to use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to gather, analyze and interpret information
  • to effectively communicate in French orally and in writing in a professional context

Career Opportunities

Graduates may find employment in public, private and non-profit organizations. Employers range from small start-ups to large, well-established corporations. In small companies, graduates are most often responsible for a variety of tasks, while in large or medium-sized organizations, graduates are assigned more specialized duties.

Program Strengths

A dynamic Team of Dedicated Teachers and Professionals: Let our experienced team help you to gain the knowledge and technical skills you need to become part of the working world. Our academic staff is continuously updating the program content in order to keep up to date with industry needs.

Internship in your Field of Study: As part of the program, you will have the opportunity to gain industry experience through an internship or "stage". A coordinator will assist you in finding a work placement and will support you throughout your internship.

Excellent Facilities: Marie-Victorin’s Intercultural and International Education Centre (IIEC) has spacious, newly renovated classrooms and networked computer labs, which provide a pleasant working atmosphere. The IIEC provides an excellent learning environment adapted to the needs of adult students.

News about our international students

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Course grid

Organizational Unit:
Marie Victorin College - Continuing education - ACS
1st Semester
109-103-02 Health & Physical Education (30h)
345-103-04 Knowledge(60h)
603-101-04 Components of Discourse(60h)
410-150-MV Careers in Business & Management(75h)
410-151-MV Basic Accounting (75h)
420-150-MV Operating Systems & Word Processing (45h)
410-152-MV Marketing (60h)
2nd Semester
109-104-02 Physical Activity (30h)
345-102-03 World Views (45h)
603-102-04 Literary Genres (60h)              
Complementary course I (45h)               
410-251-MV Supervision of Human Resources (60h)
410-250-MV Intermediate Accounting (45h)
410-252-MV Management Software (45h)
201-150-MV Statistics for Management (75h)
3rd Semester
345-271-MV Critical Thought Applied to Technology & Administration (45h)
603-103-04 Literary Themes (60h)
602-100-03 Basic French (45h)
350-150-MV Communication & the Client Based Approach (45h)
410-350-MV  Advanced Accounting (45h)
410-352-MV  Aspects of Business Law(45h)
410-353-MV Supply & Inventory Management (45h)
410-354-MV Cash Flow Management (45h)
410-355-MV Budget Management (45h)
4th Semester           
603-EJN-04 Communication (60h)
602-EKP-03 French as a Second Language (45h)
Complementary course II (45h)
410-451-MV Sales (60h)
410-450-MV Specialized Accounting  (60h)         
410-453-MV Information Systems for Business (45h)
410-452-MV Management (45h)
383-150-MV Economy & Globalization (60h)
5th Semester
109-105-02 Physical Activity & Lifestyle (30h)
410-551-MV Total Quality Management (45h)                    
410-550-MV  Computerized Accounting Systems (75h)
410-552-MV Import-Export (75h)
410-553-MV Internal Audit & Control (45h)
410-554-MV Personal Income Tax (60h)
420-151-MV Development & Management of Computerized Projects (45h)
6th Semester
602-151-MV  Business French (45h)
410-652-MV Investment & Financing - End of Studies Project (45h) 
410-650-MV Cost Accounting (60h)
410-651-MV Corporate Tax  and Auditing (45h)
 410-852-MV Project Management (60h)
410-853-MV Job Market Integration   (60h)
410-851-MV Business Plan** (45h)
Program Synthesis EXAM

Required documents

  • Attached admission form, duly completed and signed
  • Birth certificate with the full name of the parents
  • A valid and legible passport
  • Copies of transcripts and diplomas

* Transcripts and high school diplomas must be translated. This translation must be validated by an approved translator recognized by OTTIAQ of Quebec.

For more information
Intercultural and International Education Centre - Namur Pavilion
4975, Paré Street, Montreal (Quebec)  H4P 1P4
Montreal phone number: 514 733-3232, ext. 4110
China phone number: +86 18629331666 | china.admissions@collegemv.qc.ca 
Vietnamese contact: Trang Cao phone number 514 776-6368