Attestation of College Studies (ACS) – Accounting and Management Technology 

Start date: September 30, 2022 | January 27, 2023

Duration and schedule: 14 months | 1,470 hours program including 210 hours of internship | Day courses during weekends, full-time

Location: Intercultural and International Education Centre of Marie-Victorin College, 4975 Paré street, Montreal, Quebec, H4P 1P4 Canada

COVID-19: According to the current trend, we consider it preferable to envision a Winter 2021 Session where teaching will be mainly delivered via remote learning. Although, some activities such as workshops or laboratory work will be conducted in person, while ensuring full compliance with health guidelines for your safety and health as well as that of the staff.


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General Program Objectives

In keeping with the general goals of technical education, the program-specific component of the Accounting and Management Technology program is designed to: 

  • Enable students to become competent in the profession, i.e. in carrying out the tasks and activities required for entry into the job market
  • Help students enter the workforce by familiarizing them with the job market in general and the fields of accounting and management in particular
  • Foster students’ personal growth and encourage their ongoing professional development
  • Ensure students’ future job mobility by helping them to acquire career-management skills and an awareness of entrepreneurship

Program Strengths

A dynamic Team of Dedicated Teachers and Professionals
Let our experienced team help you to gain the knowledge and technical skills you need to become part of the working world. Our academic staff is continuously updating the program content in order to keep up to date with industry needs.

Internship in your Field of Study
As part of the program, you will have the opportunity to gain industry experience through an internship or "stage". A co-ordinator will assist you in finding a work placement and will support you throughout your internship.

Excellent Facilities
Marie-Victorin’s Intercultural and International Education Centre (IIEC) has spacious, newly renovated classrooms and networked computer labs, which provide a pleasant working atmosphere. The IIEC provides an excellent learning environment adapted to the needs of adult students.


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Course grid

Organizational Unit:
Marie Victorin College - Continuing education - ACS

1st Semester

604-113-MV English in Accounting I

410-112-MV Accounting I

412-410-MV Office Systems

410-401-MV Business Law

410-314-MV Supply and Inventory Management

410-313-MV Research and Processing of Management Information

2nd Semester

604-114-MV English in Accounting II

604-115-MV Business English I

410-512-MV Cost Production

410-212-MV Accounting II

410-516-MV Customer Service

410-616-MV Project Management

410-515-MV Computerized in

410-554-MV Personal Income

3rd Semester

604-116-MV Business English II

410-512-MV Cost Production

410-312-MV Accounting II

410-550-MV Computerized Accounting

410-413-MV Budget Management

410-511-MV Business Start-Up

410-213-MV Cash Flow and Budget

410-613-MV International Trade Transactions

410-617-MV Job Market Integration | 514 733-3232, ext. 4110