About RAC


Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC)

RAC is the possibility to have your knowledge and experiences, acquired over the course of your life, recognized by a college diploma. All of your previous involvement, trainings or skill development activities could lead you to a post-secondary diploma if they are related to a recognized program of study.

All work and volunteer experiences that took place here in Québec or elsewhere in Canada or the World, can be considered. The RAC process also values knowledge and experiences acquired with your Elders or within your community. 

What principles guide the RAC process?
  • Individuals have the right to social recognition of their skills and competencies as long as  proof can be provided.
  • Individuals do not need to re-learn what they already know (what you have learned from formal or informal contexts, from other places and by other means).
  • What is important for the recognition of acquired competencies is what a person knows and not where, when or how it was learned. 

Why have your experience recognized? Watch the video below!