About RAC (Recognition of Acquired Competencies)

  • From experience to recognition: a qualifying process!

    Leader in Recognition of Acquired Competencies, the Cégep Marie-Victorin RAC service is concerned with ensuring a process adapted to the reality of each candidate.

    For more than 25 years, the Cégep has provided all necessary services to obtain official recognition (academic transcript, diploma, attestation) of competencies gained through work or life experience.

    A dedicated team offers personalized support throughout the recognition process.

  • What is a RAC process?

    The RAC process provides adults with the opportunity to receive academic credits for skills and knowledge gained through training, life or work experience.

  • Who is RAC for?

    It is for adults who have significant experience in a field related to a program of study.

  • Benefits of the RAC process

    Be formally evaluated for the competencies in a chosen program of study without having to attend the courses for that program.

    Fill skill gaps through diversified training means.

    Obtain a diploma or an attestation, through a process adapted to the realities of adults.

    Reduce training costs.

  • Testimonials

    Audrey Pelletier, ACS – Community Development Worker  
    Special collaboration published in 24 h newspaper, March 21, 2018

    The time had come for Audrey Pelletier to make a career assessment. She met with a guidance counselor who supported her in her thinking process by giving her potential solutions.

    After discussing Audrey's goals, ideals and priorities, and knowing that she had significant social work experience, the counselor recommended that she continue in this area while reorienting her key responsibilities to management-oriented tasks rather than individual or group intervention. In order to achieve this professional goal, Audrey registered in a RAC process in the Community Development Worker program offered at CÉGEP Marie-Victorin's Recognition of Acquired Competencies service*. She began the process by attending a RAC information session and subsequently submitted her application.

    Audrey started the RAC process last November to obtain an Attestation of College Studies in the Community Development Worker program.

    "This process leads you to complete various individual assignments in order to demonstrate that you master the program's competencies. You can choose to invest the amount of time that suits you, you decide on the schedule. Throughout the process, you’re accompanied by a team of professionals who support and guide you, said Audrey.

    The duration of the process varies from one candidate to another. Some complete the process in one year. For her part, Audrey will finish it in six months, as the RAC's process has taken into account the competencies acquired as part of her college degree in social service. This process allowed her, based on examples from her professional experience, to complete the various evaluations to demonstrate her competencies.

     "The process of recognition of acquired competencies is a faster way for me to get a new degree, and allows me to meet new professional challenges in a community setting," added Audrey.

    * This program is offered following an agreement with the Cégep de Rimouski.

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